is a thinking partner

trail hike adventure,

a deep dive into what you really want.

What comes next? What do you really want?

People have all kind of successes but they feel like they spent their life chasing other people’s dreams, instead of what they really want. People know life has more to offer and ready for change.

The beliefs, thoughts and values of those around us helped us to see life in one way and we built a life upon that viewpoint. The courage to live a life true to yourself, not the life others expected from you, is the number one regret people have.

The WALK YOUR TALK adventure is designed to become real and honest to yourself.

Once you know what you want you can start living a created life based on your own values and beliefs. Speaking out your own truth with clarity and confidence is who you truly are.

KOMPONENTEN 6 Monate 100Km

We work on your story and the power behind that.

The first 2 months 33,33 km - Identity and Environment

We talk about your ups and downs, what made you the person you are now, and identify the golden thread that runs through your story.

We work on what you really want to create in your life.

The second 2 month - Mindset and Strategy

We draw out your power mission and establish what is holding you back.

We work on attainable steps to turn your vision into reality.

In den dritten 3 Monaten 33,33 km – Habits and Tactics

We make a reality check. What do you need to implement: effective habits, a new mindset, skill set, energy and action plan into your life.


6 month deep dive program

# 12 sessions a 90 to 120 min.

# 1:1 trail walk and talk outdoors, me and you

# 100 km 12 x 8.3 km: Walk and Talk

# Feedback, recommended resources and action items

# A dedicated Whatsapp number – for fast brainstorming


We step into a really natural environment which is the best way to encourage reflective thinking.

Being outdoors. Being away from distraction Being in peace. Being in tranquility is creating the space to think and a unique experience.


For the first 60 to 90 mins. we walk and talk, after that we sit together for about 10 to 15 mins. and reflect back, making notes and you decide which actions steps you take until the next hike together.


I believe in the purity of physical pursuit, the movement of our body is essential for our well being. Nevertheless you are the person, who decides how far you want to go. It is important to decide on the total distance at the beginning of our journey together it could be 100 Km, 50 Km or 20 Km: whatever you decide, we will break it down into doable stretches.


Your investment 4.960,- Euro for 6 month 

I believe in powerful relationships and commitments.

Once we have both committed to work together, I promise you I am 100% in and you promise to be 100% in too. 

We agree not to hide or hold back anything.

We take action, lean into our edge and take risks because this is the only way to grow.

Please note: I have no refund policy because If you’re in, you’re fully in. I call it commitment.

If this sounds like you, let’s talk and explore if working together is a good fit.

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